Risk Assessment
& Policies

The cannabis industries are continually expanding and will inevitably reach all institutions. It is critical to establish meaningful and effective cannabis banking governance structures.

Cannabis Banking

You will have questions and we have the answers! Gain access to our professional advisors for timely, thoughtful and practical answers to your cannabis-related questions. We cut through the legalese and regulatory changes to get you what you need for sound risk management.


Cannabis Banking
Risk Assessment

Do you have a Cannabis Banking Risk Assessment?

It is a regulatory expectation that financial institutions develop
and maintain a Cannabis Banking Risk Assessment whether you intend to bank the sector or not. Your Cannabis Banking Risk Assessment is then used as your foundation for your Cannabis Banking Policy.

Undertaking the risk assessment can be a daunting task. We work closely with our clients to:

Cannabis Banking
Policy Development

Going hand-in-hand, or a la carte with our Cannabis Banking Risk Assessment, we work closely with you to develop your Cannabis Banking Policy to provide a sound guidance structure and reflect your specific risk appetite. Through the policy development process, you will: