About Us

ICS is your trusted, compliance partner offering a complete SEED-TO-BANK™ regulatory solution with our BSA software application customized to meet the needs of financial institutions.

What We Do

The FinCEN guidelines, issued in 2014, paved the way for establishing expectations for financial institutions that seek to offer banking services to cannabis-related businesses. Our founders were poised for this event with state-of-the-art, specialized software designed to address the guidelines and established Integrated Compliance Solutions as a pioneer in the cannabis banking space.

As an early mover in an industry challenged with operating on a cash basis, we solved for the dichotomy between Federal and State laws to help financial institutions safely and soundly bank cannabis operators. We have continued to forge this path, helping new entrants into the market and solidifying our reputation as a leading cannabis banking authority in the United States.

Our team works to continue our mission of setting the standard in cannabis banking, helping to facilitate industry education and assisting financial institutions, regulators and other key stakeholders to understand the global impact and benefits of banking an evolving industry.


On the Leading Edge of Compliance

Our customized and innovative approach provides you with the best-in-class compliance solutions you need.

Our Senior Management Team

Made up of financial services leaders and leading technology experts in development and support. ICS’s leadership team is well-equipped to guide you through the regulatory framework for banking for the legal cannabis industry.

Cody Hershey

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Taylor


Chong Kim

Chief Technology Officer

Board of Directors

Cody Hershey

Chairman of the Board

Al Fowler


Stephen Martin


Gregory Peterson


Advisory Board

Adam Desmond

CEO & Founder
Needle Rock Capital LLC

Curt Thompson

Managing Director
PL Capital Group

Michael Patterson

Chief Executive Officer
US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development