ICS Signs Partnership and Payment Solutions Agreement with WARPSPD


ICS comments about this article:

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Integrated Compliance Solutions, LLC (ICS) announced today their partnership and payment solutions agreement with leading retail analytics and consumer behavior firm WARPSPD. Integrated Compliance Solutions, LLC will provide payment solutions and cannabis banking compliance to WARPSPD’s cutting edge retail analytics and consumer behavior platform and app. ICS is recognized as a leader in payment processing and cannabis banking solutions including its M-Monitor III cannabis banking platform and its enhanced due diligence program for financial institutions. WARPSPD’s LOQ8 app for consumers, brands and merchants has become the industry leading hyper geo-targeting, smart customer engagement and payment solution within the cannabis industry.

The combination of ICS’s extensive knowledge of cannabis banking and payment solutions and WARPSPD’s retail analytics and consumer behavior applications will create the industry’s leading payment solution that will help cannabis businesses dramatically increase their sales.

“We are excited about this new partnership with WARPSPD as it aligns with ICS’s commitment to assist dispensary owners and online CBD merchants with fully compliant payment solutions”, commented Ralf Kaiser, CEO of Integrated Compliance Solutions. “Dispensary owners need compliant payment solutions that prevent customers having to pay only with cash. Our compliance program and WARPSPD’s artificial intelligent application for cannabis retailers provides cashless payment solutions while helping increase sales of the dispensary”.

John Corpus, Founder of WARPSPD added, “Our team is thrilled to partner with ICS as they are the leading cannabis banking compliance firm in the U.S. today. We use this partnership as a way to provide cannabis entrepreneurs with much needed compliant cannabis banking and payment solutions. Along with the banking and payment solutions, WARPSPD will provide its proven AI personalization and loyalty platform to assist cannabis entrepreneurs to increase their sales and number of customers. Our senior team at WARPSPD has several decades of combined retail experience assisting major brands to improve their sales. We look forward to bringing this experience and results to the cannabis industry”.

Ralf Kaiser further added, “Many dispensary owners have used alternative payment solutions that may not be compliant. Through our partnership with WARPSPD, we will be providing fully compliant, cashless payment solutions that will also allow the cannabis entity to conduct location-based mobile campaigns, SMS campaigns, loyalty program, specialized customer engagement, delivery and contactless payment options”.

Further information on these cannabis banking, payment and consumer behavior solutions can be found at www.icslv.com and www.WARPSPD.ai

About Integrated Compliance Solutions, LLC

ICS is a financial technology, banking compliance and innovative payment solution provider helping financial institutions with complex transactions. Our experience in financial services and payments technology allows us to apply the heightened federal requirements to preferred providers that meet our strict requirements. The result: a competitive, complete, and stable set of services that complement merchant goals. As your SEED-TO-BANK™ compliance partner, ICS has simply been used by more banks, more marijuana-related businesses, and for longer than anyone of our competitors in the space. Our services are proven and well respected in the industry.

Ralf Kaiser
Integrated Compliance Solutions, LLC

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